10 Essential Guidelines in Formulating and Implementing a Strategic Marketing Plan


Strategic marketing planning encompasses environmental scanning, in both external and internal scenarios, the intensity of competition and industry forces affecting the business units, products and markets, and quantifying logical assumptions and future implications in specific target markets. Marketers dissect the strengths and weaknesses of the firm and products relative to competition, at the … [Read more...]

Living To Work: Turning the whole life to gratitude, and living a truly meaningful life

I always wonder "why there are so many people who don't relish the charm in their daily lives." This is because , when you look at people's attitude towards their everyday lives, there are small number of people who are hopeful and positive, while there are some who generally live their lives from beginning to end negatively, weakly, and without vigor. To delve deeper into this matter, there are … [Read more...]

Six Scenarios of NETWORKING

WORKING life ain't simple anymore. There was a time when you worked hard, your employer looked after you, and you just carried on until you received your gold carriage clock on retirement. But that simple career path is dead. There are more threats in the world - mergers and acquisitions, globalization and jobs being outsourced or offshored, downsizing programs, and job cuts. And these have turned … [Read more...]

Identifying your Competitive Advantages


Your eventual goal should be to come up with a hard list of competitive advantages that you can use to increase profits at your company. So get out pen and paper, or spark up your laptop, and write down the answers to the questions below. Let your imagination go. Bounce your answers off colleagues, if you like, just as I ask people to do in my workshops. In fact, it is better of you involve your … [Read more...]