Motivation and enthusiasm is central to acquiring any new skill


Yesterday, my sister told me that she wants to learn on how to play the guitar. So I decided to share this to everyone who wants to learn it. Everyone dreams of being able to master a musical instrument and the most popular choice is often an electric or acoustic guitar. Learning to play guitar should be enjoyable fun, you will find plenty of helpful tips with free chords and music to be found … [Read more...]

How Music Can Change the Way You Think and Affect Your Brain


How music can affect you The music you listen to can make sudden changes in your mood as a result of reminding you of certain events in your past. If you listened to a piece of good music that reminded you of a time you were feeling great then most probably you will experience a mood lift while listening to it and vice versa. This is the short term effect we all experience when we listen to … [Read more...]

Lose Weight Easy and Fast – Using Stress-Relieving Techniques


To Lose weight easy and fast with the everyday stress and strain of life can be hard. The daily grind can make us all susceptible to treating ourselves by snacking at the end of a long hard day. I was the worst, a quick sneak peak in the fridge before and after dinner. If I was having a stressful day I would need to have a few little treats during the day to keep my morale up. I found that I … [Read more...]

Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness Is A Choice

“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen.” -- Philip Green We all work better when we’re happy, so why are so many people unhappy in business? Happiness is largely a choice, so choosing to be happy is incredibly simple. Putting it into action is not always so straightforward though. But in challenging economic circumstances, your business will stand a much better chance of … [Read more...]

E-book Piracy Can Boost Sales, Publisher Claims


The music industry has made it quite clear that the Internet is a scary place full of pirates. These same fears have spread into the minds of some book publishers, but not all. According to a recent column in the Chronicle of Higher Education there are publishers that see piracy as a promotional vehicle. At least, that’s what an associate professor of philosophy writing under the pseudonym … [Read more...]