Maria Isabel Lopez – Bold Star of the 80s

Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon (1983)- Stars Hilda Koronel, Dindo Fernando, Lorna Tolentino, Jay Ilagan and Anthony Castelo/ Introducing Maria Isabel Lopez/Directed by Romy Suzara

For her final question, she was asked by a judge, the late actress Ms. Rita Gomez—if she was still a virgin at that time and she replied by asking back, “Will it make me win the crown if I said yes?” The contestant, Maria Isabel Lopez, was proclaimed the 1982 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. Lopez, one of the most vocal, articulate, liberated and controversial celebrity figures, was almost disqualified from representing the Philippines in the Miss Universe Pageant for being a former Gerard Peter model. She did not win the title but went on to become a most sought after actress in the 80s.
Ms. Lopez, who hails from Cagayan de Oro, made her grand entrance to the movie world in 1983 on her launching film, Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon. It’s a big movie with a big cast headed by Hilda Koronel, Dindo Fernando, Lorna Tolentino, Anthony Castelo and Jay Ilagan. The following year, she made a daring career move by appearing in a very controversial movie directed by Celso Ad Castillo. Isla, A ECP production, installed Ms. Lopez as the new bold star. There’s no turning back from thereon.


Left- Isla (1984)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez/ Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

Right- Working Girls (1984)- Stars Hilda Koronel, Rio Locsin Chanda Romero, Carmi Martin, Maria Isabel Lopez, Baby Delgado and Gina Pareno/Directed by Ishmael Bernal


Left- Hubo sa Dilim (1985)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Chanda Romero, Michael de Mesa, Lito Gruet, Isadora, Tony Carrion, Jaime Fabregas/ Directed by Tata EstebanRight- Escort Girls (1985)- Stars Amy Austria, Ann Villegas, Liz Alindogan, Jacklyn Jose, Armi Quintana, Vicky Varga and Maria Isabel Lopez/Directed by Tony Cruz


Left- Hello Lover, Goodbye Friend (1985)- Stars Dindo Fernando, Romeo Vasquez, Alma Moreno, Lorna Tolentino, Maria Isabel Lopez and Alona Alegre/ Directed by Ma. Lourdes Salvador

Right- Heartache City (1985)- Stars Chanda Romero, Barbara Luna, Ma. Isabel Lopez, Lyka Ugarte, Liz Alindogan and Tanya Gomez/ with Tommy Abuel and Ronaldo Valdez/Directed by Danny Zialcita


Unang Gabi (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Vida Verde, George Estregan, Cristina Crisol and Orestes Ojeda/ Directed by Anthony Taylor
Silip (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez and Sarsi Emmanuelle/
Directed by Elwood Perez


Left- Kapirasong Dangal (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Raoul Aragonn, Dick Israel, Tani Cinco, Gino Antonio, Emily Loren, Mina Mirasol and Dante Rivero/ Directed by Nilo Saez

Right- Isang Kumot Tatlong Unan (1986)- Stars Jun Aristorenas, Paquito Diaz and Maria Isabel Lopez/Directed by Jose ‘Pepe’ Wenceslao


Huwag Pamarisan: Kulasisi (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Raoul Aragonn, Jun Santiago, Tani Cinco, Emil Sandoval, Ursula Marquez, Maureen Mauricio/Directed by Nilo Saez
Hayok (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, George Estregan, Susan Bautista, Manny Luna, Albert Eugenio, Maureen Mauricio/Directed by Anthony Taylor


Dingding Lang ang Pagitan (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Olivia Ortiz, Orestes Ojeda, Albert Eugenio/ Directed by Ruben S. Abalos


Left- Bakit Naglaho ang Magdamag (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Manny Luna, Ike Lozada, Lucita Soriano/Introducing Theresa Morena/ Directed by Ronnie San JuanRight- Mga Nakaw na Sandali (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez, Al Tantay, Liz Alindogan, Ronaldo Valdez and Stella Suarez, Jr./Directed by Nilo Saez.